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According to IndieWire, it looks like attendees of the Cine Europe Expo which takes place in Amsterdam starting today, through Thursday, the 30th, will have the opportunity to see footage from Ridley Scott’s super-secretive sci-fi project Prometheus, which co-stars Idris Elba, alongside Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce and Noomi Rapace, to name a few, and is currently shooting in the UK. This is according to a tweet from David Pinedo of Holland Film Nieuws (courtesy of CineEurope), stating: “Ridley scott will be screening footage of his film Prometheus at Cine Europe! Cameron with Titanic 3D material!” He also added that the cast will be in attendance!

  • astromax

    No film or pics for Prometheus at Cine Europe Expo. Not a big surprise. Ridley has been the only one to talk about the story, and all others involved in the project back him up. The speculation has been interesting though. I heard about “Shadow 19” online, and earlier script by Jon Spaihts who subsequently wrote the first Alien prequal script. While the “Alien Harvest” script, that came and quickly went away, was boring, “Shadow 19” is great. It captures and cranks up the Coloniel Marine action and energy of “Aliens” throughout. If it can still be found check it out while we wait for more Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi) and Prometheous speculation.