February 10th, 2011       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

Over 1.300 DVD captures from the extended Millennium mini-series have been added to the gallery. Since the trilogy was originally planned and shot for television, the mini-series features a lot more scenes than the theatrical versions. Each film is expanded to two episodes, making the series a 6 episodes delight of 9 hours. I’m working on a special section to highlight the extended scenes and notable differences between the film and tv versions, so stay tuned.

  • Andy

    Where can I buy the miniseries on DVD?

  • Stranger

    I would like to by the DVD too…

  • Zoltan

    Hi. I need those dvd-s also. Someone any idea where can I get them. thx

  • Frederik

    Depending on where you live, the mini-series is availalbe on R2 DVD in various European countries, check Amazon Germany or UK for example.