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Although Ridley Scott recently said that Noomi Rapace would reprise her role — albeit briefly — as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw in Alien: Covenant, the director has now determined that the actress will actually not be returning for the upcoming Prometheus sequel/Alien prequel. Scott told the Daily Mail that Rapace will not be returning for Alien: Covenant, and added that he’s still casting the main characters for the film, which includes Fassbender reprising his role as mischievous synthetic David and his Steve Jobs co-star Katherine Waterston as the leader of a new crew of explorers. The director also previously revealed that the new film is set about 10 years after the events of Prometheus, when a derelict crew happens upon a seemingly uncharted paradise and soon discovers that David is the planet’s only inhabitant — which sounds pretty unnerving. Scott has also promised that the new trilogy of films will explore the origins of both the Xenomorphs and the Engineers, and will feature all forms of Xenomorph from egg to chest-burster to Queen. Alien: Covenant begins shooting this spring for a 2017 release date.

Additional pictures from all of Noomi’s Paris Fashion Week appearances have been added to the photo gallery. Also, a couple more pictures from the premiere for “The Revenant” and the Cirque De Soleil opening night have been added.

Before I add more pictures of Noomi’s recent Fashion Week appearances, the public appearances of 2015 have been wrapped with hundreds of additions to the photo gallery. To launch all last updated albums, click any of the previews below.

Noomi Rapace has attended a couple of more events at the Paris Fashion Week yesterday and today. For a complete list of latest additions, have a look at the previews below.

Photo Gallery – Public Appearances – 2016 – Paris Fashion Week – Christian Dior
Photo Gallery – Public Appearances – 2016 – Paris Fashion Week – Christian Dior Homme
Photo Gallery – Public Appearances – 2016 – Paris Fashion Week – NEXT Models Dinner

During the last couple of years, Noomi Rapace has become a fixture on the international fashion weeks, and 2016 proves is no different. After London, Noomi has been seen at the Paris Fashion Week and made appearances at the AUDI Night in Kitzbuehel, Austria as well as the Cirque Du Soleil premiere at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Also, with many thanks to Lindsey, lots of additional pictures from the premiere of “The Revenant” have been added as well.

Photo Gallery – Public Appearances – 2016 – Paris Fashion Week – Menswear Fall/Winter
Photo Gallery – Public Appearances – 2016 – Kitzbuehel AUDI Night 2016
Photo Gallery – Public Appearances – 2016 – Cirque Du Soleil Amaluna Premiere
Photo Gallery – Public Appearances – 2016 – “The Revenant” Premiere (London)

Deadline reports that Bale has exited the movie, citing health concerns over the weight gain he needed to achieve to play the role. The actor has slimmed down, bulked up, and pudged out for roles over the years, but I’d imagine you can only do that so many times before your body starts to revolt. Based on Brock Yates’s book, “Enzo Ferrari: The Man, the Cars, the Races,” with a script by Troy Kennedy Martin (The Italian Job) and David Rayfield (Out of Africa), the film tells story of the founder of one of the world’s most infamous car franchises. Last fall, Noomi Rapace signed on for the movie as well, but there’s no word if she’s still involved. The aim is get the movie made on schedule, and the hunt is on for a new A-list actor to take the lead role. Paramount is set to distribute.

Noomi Rapace has kicked off 2016 with a bunch of public appearances in London this week. First, there were visits to the London Collections Men. Yesterday, Noomi graced the red carpet at the London premiere of “The Revenant”, which has received 12 Academy Award nominations on that day, including a Best Supporting Actor nomination for her friend and frequent collaborator, Tom Hardy. Congratulations. Pictures from all appearances can be found in the photo gallery.

Photo Gallery – Public Appearances – 2016 – “The Revenant” Premiere (London)
Photo Gallery – Public Appearances – 2016 – London Collections Men – Willy Vanderperre Screening
Photo Gallery – Public Appearances – 2016 – London Collections Men – Moschino

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